CEO: Experience Theater — The Personality Exam

Studying for the Personality Exam
AI in action

Personality Exam


Experience Customization

Impressions of the CEO

The Company

The World

Difficulty Level

Some people really enjoy a challenge



  • Testifying before congress
  • Being asked to join the Bilderberg Group or the Illuminati
  • Fancy Cocktail Parties
  • Backdoor dealings with other CEOs
  • Doing a bunch of drugs with a sex worker because your money and power have made you increasingly numb to feelings of excitement or joy, the sex worker collapsing, you thinking you murdered said sex worker, but the sex worker ends up recovering shortly — waking up to hear you on the phone planning with someone to get rid of their body, the sex worker panics and there’s a loud dispute, the cops are called and you spend the night in jail before posting bail. Fun!



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