Anatomy of a CEO

“Hmm. Says here that you should make more than you spend. That can’t be right.”
Space Available in 2 sq ft increments!
Time to get down to business
  • Understanding your deepest desires and motivations.
  • What kind of business do you want to run?
  • What’s the state of your business and the world?
  • How difficult do you want your experience to be? To put it in snowboarding parlance -
  • Do you want a green circle or a double black diamond? To put it in big business parlance: do you want Enron in late 2000 or Enron in late 2001? (reference material)
  • The premade scenario feature puts you in the shoes of a CEO mirroring an actual event that took place — like taking up the mantle of Apple CEO after the death of Steve Jobs.
  • The add-ons feature allows you to add a la carte experiences like testifying before congress knowing that you totally did the thing that you’re saying you didn’t do.



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Doing more by doing less. Creators of the MVP+1 methodology of office survival.